Invisible Website Man

Invisible Website Man

Invisible Website man

This super hero is incredibly good at being unseen.

  • Able to sneak by any consumer, with stealth and accuracy.
  • Can blend into any search result and be completely transparent
  • Avoids spam and hackers while hiding in plain sight
  • Able to avoid social and internet unwanted scrutiny

While being transparent is awesome for Super Heroes who save the day, it’s a horrible trait for business websites hoping to drive more traffic.  See if this scenario sounds familiar.

Being Flashy Ain’t Enoughwebsite text image

Fred Miser is a Dermatologist based out of Miami Florida.

Because Fred is a savvy business owner, he understands that to drive new patients to his practice, he needs a professional website.  He spends loads of money on a marketing company who builds an amazing website.

“Ah, now all I have to do is sit back and watch the new patients flock to my door”, he thinks to himself.

Unfortunately, months go by without success; nothing comes from the website.

Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, it probably describes about 60% of small businesses today.

Some Common Misconceptions About Being Seen Online

Using the right keywords is key to a great ranking position

This is a myth.  Oh, it used to be true, ten to fifteen years ago.  Unfortunately, today’s online businesses need more than a website with keywords strategically placed.

Keywords Still Play A Role, Just Not How They Used To

Think of keywords as the star quarterback who is now relegated to second string.  He has been replaced by more relevant players.

Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Over the years, Google has continually tweaked and improved their search algorithm technology to deal with the ever-changing online environment.  The days of loading relevant keywords into front end meta statements and hoping to be boosted to first page ranking are a thing of the past.

What is a Google Algorithm?

In a word, an algorithm is a complex AI (Artificial Intelligence) system designed to accept a user inquiry and apply a pre-programmed set of filters and comparisons to match it to a database of results that when returned, match the user’s desire outcome.

Search Engine Algorithms are the New King


Why Should I Care About Algorithms?

Because, they determine if your business gets top ranking or not.  At  RLJ Online Marketing we constantly have our ear to the ground, studying every new update and change to Google’s search engine interface.

Knowing how the most recent changes affect search inquiries is key to crafting a website that will float to the top of search rankings and drive meaningful traffic to your site.


Website Content is Just Fluff, Anyone Can Create It

This is the most misunderstood part of website creation.  Creating “linkable” content is much more than simply describing your product and boasting about its benefits.

Four Things Your Content Must Do

Your website content should serve these very important purposes.

  • Motivate
  • Inform and Educate
  • Be Complete and Accurate
  • Be as Non-Salesy as Possible

“But Wait”, you say.  I want my website to bring in new business, how can I do that if It doesn’t have sales related content?”

We never said to avoid sales related content, we said you should avoid trite sales jargon and excessive benefit boasting.  Instead, craft real data and information about your products, backed up by reliable and trusted expert sources.  You must create the “WHY” within your website.

  • Why should the consumer choose your service?
  • What makes your company better than all the others?

Answering those two questions through your motivating, educational and accurate content will not only bring more sales, it will attract the attention of the 800-pound gorilla in the room, Google.

It’s Called The World Wide Web for a Reason

world wide web image

This may seem overly simplistic; however, the internet is, in many ways, just like a spider web.  A spider weaves a web to catch its prey and the internet is the web you will use to ensnare your customers.

Backlink, Backlink, Who Wants a Backlink?

The answer is, everyone; but how?  It isn’t easy to find quality backlinks for your website but it can be done.  The simplest way is to create quality content that will attract people and motivate them to link that content to their websites.

Think of the backlink as the honey that attracts the fly to the web of the spider.  The more backlinks reaching your site, the more gravitas your website has that will propel it to the first page.

The Take away

The main thing to remember in our discussion is content.  At RLJ Online Marketing, we create content for our customers that satisfies the attraction test.  We also know how to find new backlinks through “White Hat” techniques that won’t jeopardize your status with Google.  For more helpful tips or to find out what RLJ Online Marketing can do for you, please contact us by calling (801) 337-5031.  You can also visit our website at

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